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Vision & Major Projects/Areas of Business

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Bountiful farms, happy farmers

Cultivation of a worksite-based,
globally competitive agriculture industry in Gyeongsangbuk-do

Major projects

Specie cultivation and development of new technologies
  • Export-based specie cultivation towards achieving wealth in terms of crop varieties/breeds
  • Development of crop cultivation technology able to effectively respond to climate change
  • Establishment of agricultural environment data system, commercialization of smart farms
  • International exchanges between industrial sectors, joint international research projects
Onsite, purpose-built technological support
  • Cultivation and enhancement of specialized product quality
  • ICT convergence, labor-saving equipment
  • Customized user training, development of the next generation of farmers
  • Expediting a region-specific Sixth Industrial Revolution
Improved work methods and organizational culture
  • Customer-centric (external)

    • - Meeting demands of farmers and consumers
    • - Strengthening worksite-based industry-academia cooperation
  • Smart organization (internal)

    • - Flexible achievement-based system
    • - Expanded online/offline communication