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Cheongdo Peach Research Institute

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Cheongdo Peach Research Institute Cheongdo Peach Research Institute

The peach has been traditionally regarded in the East as the fruit of Taoist hermits and is famous today for its benefits in relation to beautification, pharmaceutical efficacy and Oriental medicine. To develop industries related to peach cultivation in an era of unlimited international competition, the Cheongdo Experimental Peach Farm was founded in May 1994 in the nation’s largest peach producing area. Since its founding, the Center has been perpetually engaged in a variety of research activities.

The Institute’s primary responsibilities include: collection and preservation of genetic materials from domestic and foreign peach varieties, crossbreeding for the development of new varieties, research on internal diseases/vermin and water tolerance, and research on exportable rootstocks. The Institute also works on development of technologies that enhance cultivation methods and quality, establishment of a comprehensive management system for diseases and pests, development of eco-friendly vermin/pest control technologies (use of natural enemies, etc.), optimum fertilization and orchard management methods, and improving packaging. The Cheongdo Peach Research Institute aims to become known for its world-class research.


  • Collection of genetic resources and cultivation of high-performance varieties of stone fruits (such as peaches)
  • Development of technologies towards comprehensive management of diseases/pests in manpower-saving and low-cost methods
  • Strengthened consulting services for farms, early resolution of technological problems experienced on-site


186-6, Gageumgura-gil, Iseo-myeon, Cheongdo-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do / Phone : +82-54-373-5486