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Sangju Persimmon Research Institute

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Sangju Persimmon Research Institute Sangju Persimmon Research Institute

Welcome to the homepage of the Sangju Persimmon Research Institute.
The Sangju Persimmon Research Institute, located in Sangju’s Gongseong-myeon district (near Guksubong Peak of the Baekdudaegan mountain range), is the only research institute in Korea that studies the astringent persimmon, striving to provide high-quality fruit that meet farmers’ and consumers’ needs.

The primary responsibilities of our Institute include: collection, preservation and quality surveys on the genetic resources of domestic and foreign persimmons; cultivation of high-quality/outstanding varieties; research on cultivation, ecology and disease and pest control; production of and research on hygienic and high-quality dried, soft and deastringent persimmons; adding value to persimmons; and development of processed persimmon products to encourage popular consumption. The entire staff of the Sangju Persimmon Research Institute has great pride in the Institute’s expertise as the world’s best authority on persimmons and dedicate themselves to developing technologies for farmers that are easily applicable and create substantial profits.


1094, Woongsan-ro, Gongseong-myeon, Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do / Phone : +82-54-531-0591~2 / Fax : +82-54-531-0590