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Gumi Floriculture Research Institute

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Gumi Floriculture Research Institute Gumi Floriculture Research Institute

The Gumi Floriculture Research Institute began in 1998 with a main building, storage and greenhouse to revitalize the local floriculture industry and develop and distribute technologies designed to boost exports: facility construction was completed in December 1999. Current focus is on researching and developing varieties that are promising export categories (chrysanthemum, rose, gerbera) and addressing the problems experienced by local floriculture farmers.

The general direction of the Institute’s research aims to create a separate “research society” for each export flower type (e.g. cultivation of outstanding new varieties, development of locally-adapted varieties, establishment of production cost-reducing technologies and a same-year production system for high-quality cut flowers, improvement of growing environment for facility floriculture, development of technologies that maintain the freshness of cut flowers), engage in joint research on technologies directly applicable to production sites, and distribute these technologies in a timely manner. Ultimately, these efforts are expected to significantly contribute to income stability and increases for farmers through enhancement of export competitiveness of local floriculture.


  • Cultivation of outstanding floriculture varieties to be exported
  • Discovery and timely resolution of on-site technological problems
  • Development of technology for production of high-quality flowers at low cost


1192, Seonsangdong-ro, Okseong-myeon, Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do / Phone : 82-054-482-0031