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Punggi Ginseng Research Institute

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Punggi Ginseng Research Institute Punggi Ginseng Research Institute

The Punggi Ginseng Research Institute of GBARES is located in a major ginseng-producing region of northern Gyeongsangbuk-do. The Institute focuses on ginseng technology development and oversees the overall ginseng industry in Korea.

Ginseng is a major ingredient in Oriental medicine, and has thus far been cultivated as a local specialty through independent cultivation technologies developed by ginseng farmers. The Punggi Ginseng Research Institute aims to integrate and standardize these technologies and respond to the changing international environment surrounding the Korean ginseng industry as well as address technological problems experienced by ginseng farmers. Major research topics include: development of high-quality ginseng varieties, production of outstanding ginseng saplings, field cultivation of ginseng and labor-saving cultivation, and comprehensive disease/pest control.

With a focus on yangjik nursery production technology (the most urgent issue for local ginseng), the Institute is currently working on the following research areas: management of experimental field sites, and development of disease/pest control technologies and the ginseng industry through factual surveys of ginseng-related companies and farms. The Institute also engages in training programs at leading ginseng research institutions and is working on expanding its research facilities.


  • Cultivation of multiple local new high-quality varieties
  • Establishment of a cultivation/production system that produces high-quality ginseng at low cost
  • Development of clean ginseng production technology through improvement of soil conditions and comprehensive management of diseases and pests


128, Yongju-ro 891beon-gil, Anjeong-myeon, Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do / Phone : +82-54-632-1250, 6195 / Tax : +82-54-632-6196