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Mobile Information Education

The Mobile Information Education Program has been operated since 2001 for the purpose of educating the information-poor residents of remote farming villages through in-person visits.

The program is conducted in a large bus (45 seats) that has been remodeled and fitted with educational equipment. As classes can be held wherever parking space is available, Gyeongsangbuk-do residents are able to receive mobile information education in their own neighborhoods without having to commute long distances.

The GBARES recently adopted new concepts of information education in order to increase the quality of the education it provides. Its education program is making significant contributions to enhancing both the information capabilities and overall quality of life of all Gyeongsangbuk-do residents.

Curriculum outline

  • Curricula : computer basics, using (Hangul) Word to compose documents, using the Internet, etc.
  • Target individuals : residents of farming and fishing communities and “information villages” who wish to receive information education
  • Education period : 3~5 days per curriculum
  • Maximum classroom capacity : up to 20 per session
  • Dates held : year-round
  • How to apply : visit the local agricultural technology center (city or county), city/county office

Educational facilities

  • Bus (20-person)
  • 21 laptop PCs (includes instructor’s PC)
  • 2 LCD screens
  • High-functioning heating and cooling facilities
  • Wired/wireless microphones
  • Educational facilities

Computer education center

Recognizing that we now live in an era of ubiquitous information, GBARES conducts classes year-round to enhance the capabilities of farmers and government employees to make use of agriculture data.

Status of education facility

  • Venue: Management Information Research Center, 1st floor, GBARES
  • 45 personal computers (including instructor’s computer), projector
  • Status of education facility